7 Tips for Reducing Waste in Your Restaurant


Filling up your skip too quickly? Tired of all the waste you send to landfills? Then, it may be time to investigate some techniques that can help you reduce the rubbish you generate in your restaurant. Here are some ideas to help.

1. Recycle

If you aren't recycling already, it's time to start. Make sure that you have separate recycling bins in your restaurant for glass bottles, plastics, paper and other recyclables. That keeps those items out of the landfill and out of your skip.

2. Compost

Food scraps make up a lot of the rubbish that comes from most restaurants. To reduce that type of waste, you may want to start composting. You can sell or give the compost to local farmers or gardeners. Some commercial organic gardeners may even be willing to trade produce for compost, or offer a discount. There are also programs in some communities that will pick up compost for free.

3. Reduce Serving Sizes

Composting is great for potato and veg peels, but what about all the uneaten food that comes from the guests? If you're constantly scrapping old bits of food into the rubbish, that may be a sign that it's time to make your servings smaller.

4. Work With Vendors With Low Packaging

The packaging around your food can generate a lot of unnecessary waste. For instance, you don't need tomatoes to be individually wrapped in cling wrap. To cut down on packaging waste, look for vendors who are committed to reduced packaging.

5. Go Digital

Instead of printing out schedules for your employees, consider using an app. Making that process digital can help reduce paper waste. Also, consider emailing instructions or training materials to employees rather than printing them.

6. Print and Laminate Checklists

In your kitchen, you probably have your staff work through a checklist in the morning or evening. So that you don't have to repeatedly print out the same list, print it once and laminate it. Then, you can mark it up, wash it off and re-use it. You can also use a similar strategy for order sheets. You can print out the sheets and laminate them. Then your staff go through, note what they need and call in the order.

7. Reduce Disposables

You may want to use disposables on rare occasions, but if you want to cut down on waste, they should not be part of your normal day-to-day routine. For instance, if you currently serve dipping sauces in plastic ramekins, you may want to stop and switch to glass or metal.



25 July 2017

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