Simple But Important Tips for Recycling at Home


Many homeowners want to start recycling their household rubbish and other such items, but they aren't sure how to begin such a program or how to get the entire family involved. To help you recycle household items properly and get the rest of the family on board with your program, note a few simple tips to consider.

Make a specific list of what can be recycled

Check with your trash pickup company or local recycling centre regarding what specific items they can accept for recycling, and make a list of your household items that fall into these various categories. For example, along with paper and plastic items, a recycling centre may accept what is called e-waste, including computers, smart phones, televisions and the like. They may also accept small kitchen appliances, such as toasters and waffle irons.

To ensure that nothing is overlooked, write out the household items you have that would fall into these categories. Keep this list handy, even posted near the home's rubbish bins, so you and your family know not to throw away anything that can be recycled.

Get sufficient bins

One challenge with recycling in the home is having small bins that overflow, so you're then tempted to just toss your recyclable materials in the household rubbish! Getting sufficient bins can ensure that they never overflow and that you won't use the standard trash cans for recyclable materials.

You might even get separate bins for children to encourage them to recycle. If they have their own bins for recyclable items they often toss out, such as notebook paper and plastic water bottles, this can encourage them to fill up those bins rather than the home's rubbish containers.

Make a goal for trash reduction

To help you and the family get into the habit of recycling, make a goal for reducing the household trash. For example, you might set out individual trash bins for everyone in the family and make it a goal that they will produce no more than one bag of trash per person per week. Make a list of ways you can reduce the amount of rubbish that gets put in those trash bins, such as only buying items in containers that can be recycled. You can also make lists of ways to reuse items, such as cutting up paper grocery bags and using that paper for homework assignments, or using old clothes to make doll clothes, pillows and the like, rather than just tossing out worn garments. 


18 July 2018

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