How To Select The Right Bins For Garbage Disposal


Everyone must make sure that any rubbish that the collect is correctly disposed of. As such, getting the right rubbish bin plays a critical role in ensuring that this is done effectively. Below are various factors that will enable you to select the proper bins for garbage disposal. Location The particular location where the rubbish bin will be located helps to determine which bin you should pick. An example is when you are looking for a bin for use in the bathroom where people frequently use hand tissues.

28 December 2017

The Beginner Tattoo Artist's Guide to Preventing Blood-Borne Infections


One of the biggest occupational hazards tattoo artists face is blood-borne illness. There are many dangerous blood-borne illnesses out there, including hepatitis B and HIV, and being exposed to your customers' blood means you're at risk. Thankfully, it's easy to drastically reduce your chances of contracting a blood-borne infection. Here are 3 steps beginner tattoo artists can take to stay free of needlestick injuries and disease.  Use The Right Supplies

28 August 2017

7 Tips for Reducing Waste in Your Restaurant


Filling up your skip too quickly? Tired of all the waste you send to landfills? Then, it may be time to investigate some techniques that can help you reduce the rubbish you generate in your restaurant. Here are some ideas to help. 1. Recycle If you aren't recycling already, it's time to start. Make sure that you have separate recycling bins in your restaurant for glass bottles, plastics, paper and other recyclables.

25 July 2017

Skip Bin Hire or Rubbish Removal? The Advantages of Rubbish Removal over Skip Bin Hire


In Australia, waste disposal is big business. That's no surprise given that the amount of waste produced by Australia annually is growing at twice the rate of the population! Although that figure doesn't make for pleasant reading, it does mean that you now have more waste disposal options than ever before. Skip bins and rubbish removal are two of the waste disposal services available to customers who don't have the means to transport waste to waste facilities themselves.

19 July 2017

Keeping Rats Out of Your Rented Skip Bin


Many people will recoil at the sight of a rat, and yet many other people actually allow rats into their homes. To be fair, these rats are generally of the pet variety, and the fluffy, domesticated fancy rat is an altogether different creature to its wild, outdoor-dwelling, verminous cousin. It's these outside rats that can cause a problem when it comes to skip bins. While you are unlikely to put anything edible into the bin unless permitted by the skip bin hire company, even the most unlikely of items can prove to be alluring for those resourceful, yet annoying outside rats.

17 July 2017